why do I need a referral?

The Canberra Sleep Clinic Doctors are medical specialists who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep conditions. For most of our patients who are using the Medicare system, a referral from a medical doctor is required for Medicare billing purposes.

Generally referrals from a general practitioner are valid for one year from the time of the first consultation with the sleep clinic doctors. Referrals from other specialist doctors are valid for three months. It is important to make sure that a valid referral is in place so that you can receive a refund from Medicare for the cost of the consultation and any investigations.

Please ask our administrative team if you are unsure and they will be delighted to help.

We are very pleased to receive referrals from dentists, however a referral from a general practitioner will also be required, and our staff can help in this regard.

Referral requirements for patients being seen outside the Medicare system such as those from overseas, in the diplomatic core, or military services may be a little different, and please ask our administrative team to advise.

Thank you for your help and patience in sorting out an appropriate referral.