information for referrers

The Canberra Sleep Clinic has been providing specialist care to Canberra and the surrounding region for more than 20 years. We provide diagnosis, long term treatment and management of a full range of sleep conditions.

We will address the clinical problem and concerns which each patient presents to us and work in conjunction with the referring practitioner to achieve a good outcome. The expertise of our medical and allied health professionals, and the accuracy and sensitivity of our Type 1 Sleep Studies improve patient outcomes by establishing the diagnosis promptly and accurately.

You can refer with confidence to the Canberra Sleep Clinic, where you can expect professional and expert care, accurate diagnosis and comprehensive management of any adult or paediatric sleep conditions.

We receive referrals via the following:

HealthLink: cbsleepl

Fax: (02) 6285 1608

When we receive the referral, one of our reception staff will call the patient to make an appointment Please advise the patient if they have not heard form us in 2-3 days we advise the patient to call the clinic on 02 6282 4955.