meet our sleep physicians

At Canberra Sleep Clinic, we assess your condition, customise a treatment plan for individual needs and offer a comprehensive care for various sleep disorders.


Dr Stuart Miller

Sleep Medicine Physician

Dr Stuart Miller Practice principal since 2008.

Graduated University of Adelaide and worked in respiratory, anaesthetic and intensive care medicine in Australia, the UK and USA.

Sleep trained in Adelaide, US board certified in sleep medicine and practices sleep medicine full time.


Dr Rosie Wee

Sleep Medicine Physician

Dr Rosie Wee Graduated University of Sydney, has worked in respiratory and sleep medicine at the Newcastle Sleep Disorders Centre and in Canberra, and has been actively involved in teaching.

Dr Wee joined Canberra Sleep Clinic after returning to Canberra in 2009.


Dr Saidul Ansary

Sleep & Respiratory Physician

Dr Saidul Ansary Graduated University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, has trained and worked in Bangladesh, New Zealand and Australia.

Dr Ansary completed his training here at the Canberra Hospital and also at St George Hospital in Sydney and now consults in both Sleep and Respiratory Medicine.


Dr Tim McDonald

Paediatric Sleep & Respiratory Physician

Dr Michael Ssentamu

Sleep & Respiratory Physician

Dr Peter Jones

Sleep & Respiratory Physician