At the Canberra Sleep Clinic and Equinox Specialist Centre, we’re proud to work with the ACT region’s leading medical specialists.






Adult & Youth Sleep Medicine

  • Dr Stuart Miller
  • Dr Saidul Ansary
  • Dr Andrew Burgess
  • Dr Deborah Inman
  • Dr Peter Jones
  • Dr Michael Ssentamu
  • Dr S. T. Terence Tring
  • Dr Rosi Wee


Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Dr Tim McDonald


Sleep Psychology

  • Dr John Brown
  • Dr Luke Johnston
  • Dr Kathleen McNeill
  • Ms Lucienne Shenfield



  • Dr Miriam Blackburn
  • Dr Tim Greenaway
  • Dr Himali Suwanderathne





Respiratory Medicine

  • Dr Saidul Ansary
  • Dr Bill Burke
  • Dr Mark Hurwitz
  • Dr Deborah Inman
  • Dr Peter Jones
  • Dr John Nicholls
  • Dr Michael Ssentamu
  • Dr S.T. Terence Ting
  • Dr Wai Meng Voon



  • Dr Ling San Wong



Paediatric Neurology

  • Dr Sekhar Pillai


Multidisciplinary Team

  • Dr Dylan Hyam, Oral Surgeon
  • Dr Sam Kim, Oral Surgeon
  • Dr Tim Makeham, ENT Surgeon
  • Dr Ray Te Moananui, Orthodontist
  • Ms Sharon Moore, Speech Pathologist